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Strengthening existing institutional and legal frameworks: seminar on “Planning regulations and urban rehabilitation”

(8-9 December 2009, Rabat, Morocco)
Third legal seminar organised by RMSU under the patronage of the Morocco Direction of Antiquities

The aim of this seminar, another contribution to the activity of strengthening of the institutional and legal framework carried out by the EH 4 programme, was to compare the norms and regulations currently in force in Mediterranean partner countries and the processes they apply to rehabilitation of historic towns and urban areas. It referred to UNESCO Recommendations of Nairobi (1976), ICOMOS Charter (1971) and other examples of actions implemented in Mediterranean partner countries and in Europe.

The seminar examined how to reconcile conservation requirements for old buildings with uses adapted to contemporary needs while taking into consideration imperatives of economic and social revitalisation. Special attention was paid to habitat and socially responsible housing policies that aim to improve living standards and induce a process of sustainable development at the local level.

Reference was made to significant examples of urban rehabilitation actions under implementation in Morocco – from Fez, Marrakech, Essaouira, in the south, and Rabat .

Participants included professionals from Mediterranean partner countries as well as experts from organisations active in this field: UNESCO, ICCROM, ICOMOS, Getty Conservation Institute, Organization of World Heritage Sites, Ecole d’Avignon.     

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