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(29-31 October 2012, Algiers, Algeria)
Which tools should we use to document, analyze and manage our cultural heritage? More than fifty Mediterranean and Algerian experts have been brought together in Algiers by the Euromed Heritage program and Algerian Ministry of Culture to explore the important question of "heritage documentation" in its latest developments.

Following an international workshop on inventories organized by the Euromed Heritage regional program (EH) in UNESCO on December 2008, a wide range of Euro-Mediterranean and Algerian experts was again mobilized from October 29th to 31st 2012 in Algiers with the support of the Algerian Ministry of Culture, to address a crucial question: which tools and methods should we use to document, analyze and manage our heritage?

“Good documentation is at the core of effective heritage management!” As declares Stéphane Devaux, in charge of EH program at the European Union Delegation in Algiers, good knowledge and right tools are essential for an accurate diagnosis, appropriate care, and adequate and effective maintenance of our cultural heritage. Thus, during the workshop, the debate between the experts has avoided descriptions of local or national situations to focus on the substantive issues, lessons drawn from experience, reference to good practices and development of operational recommendations. Publication and wider dissemination of these recommendations adapted to a Euro-Mediterranean level should improve the practice of heritage documentation in all partner countries. These documents are now being published.

Among the topics discussed, the workshop has addressed issues related to geographical documentation and systems to be developed as real management tools. The studies have dealt with the importance of new tools and techniques for data acquisition, technical manuals and knowledge which are essential for consistent and effective rehabilitation and adaptation, and finally, monitoring and management tools, schedules and maintenance records, which must be simple, effective and operational: A vast field to explore, in the light of new technologies and practical requirements.

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