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Reinforcement of the institutional and legal framework: workshop on "Education and training"

(10-15 December 2010, Algiers, Algeria)
Fifth legal seminar organized by RMSU

As part of the activity of reinforcing the institutional and legal framework led by the EH 4 programme, the workshop was intended to strengthen human resources in all sectors involved in conserving and promoting cultural and natural heritage. Without ignoring the staff’s urgent immediate needs, the workshop was part of a long-term perspective, to try to identify common lines of force between partner countries.

Education programmes are developed at all levels of education: universities, continuing and vocational training, general education. Specific training is needed when training architects, planners, town planners, to get them to integrate well the heritage dimension in their profession and thus contribute to sustainable human development policies. It is also important to implement specific programmes for training in heritage and the various technical specialties needed for heritage conservation. The important functions of a foreman, for example, were well covered. Often, these courses are given or are perfected on site.

The workshop provided a comparative analysis of education and training facilities. It emphasized the importance of the awareness of the general public on heritage values and on conservation efforts. The workshop also discussed possibilities of cooperation around the Mediterranean in order to identify synergies.

In addition to representatives of partner countries and projects of the Euromed Heritage IV programmes, the workshop brought together experts from ICCROM, UNESCO, ICOM and ICOMOS.

The workshop proceedings will be published later in March 2011.

Workshop documents


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