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Sustainability and Communication without Mega Budgets: second training module organised by RMSU in cooperation with United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

(30/Nov/2009 - 03/Dec/2009, UNWTO headquarters, Madrid, Spain)
Addressed to EH 4 project partners, this training contributed to improving projects’ performance in securing sustainability of their outputs and achieving visibility and impact

This training, developed by London Metropolitan University in its capacity as RMSU consortium member, was based on needs assessment of the EH 4 projects, and more particularly each project’s Communication Strategy.

It has guaranteed 1) EH 4 Programme’s outreach action and its sustainability in terms of choice of medium and exploitation of results, and 2) its continued existence beyond the lifetime of the projects.

This training therefore worked at two levels and combined principles in good communication with identification of possibilities/opportunities for commercialisation of outputs.
More particularly, workshop has:

  1. Provided principles in effective communication, including the production of audiovisual material, printed material, press releases, websites, etc. and their dissemination.
  2. Looked at examples from the projects, examined potentials of commercialisation using the possibility of printing on demand, multi-media formats, and capturing Intellectual Property in formats that would allow their production in a variety of combinations.
  3. Introduced the fundamentals underpinning International Property Rights and copyright law and practice in relation to projects outputs and how they can be reconciled with EC regulations related to EH4.
  4. Explored sponsorship opportunities and how to go about it.
  5. Explored means of maximising impact and sustainability beyond the lifetime of the project. 

This training workshop also provided participants with an important opportunity to meet, discuss, and learn from each other and colleagues working in similar directions.

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