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Community & Cultural Mapping

(17-19 June 2010, Nicosia, Cyprus)
Fourth training module organised by RMSU-Euromed Heritage 4 in cooperation with London Metropolitan Museum and addressed to EH 4 project partners

Cultural mapping is gaining widespread recognition as an important tool for cultural heritage management and for enhancing public participation and appropriation of heritage.

Conventional established mapping methods are being supplemented by creative approaches to public space by artists and architects, which can also become a way of turning mapping exercises into “events” which attract public participation and result in innovative ways of capturing the dynamic flows of cultural space. Cultural mapping is also a tool with significant potential for improving cultural policy making.

This workshop introduced participants to a range of cultural mapping methods and applications, from well-established procedures to cutting-edge practice, and open up the discussion to consider its usefulness as a tool, and how it might be incorporated into their current and future practice. The workshop provided examples of practice from around the region, in particular from Nicosia where actions from previous phases of Euromed Heritage are maintained in current activities, and that demonstrate good practice in both cultural mapping applications and project sustainability.

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