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Sustainability and embedding

(17-19 November 2011, Tanger, Morocco)
RMSU training module on sustainability and embedding of results

Sustainability and Embedding are at the core of a successful programme. They do guarantee its sustainability in terms of exploitation of results and its continued existence beyond the lifetime of the projects. As a matter of fact, embedding is a key factor for effective appropriation.

A training module has been organised by RMSU-Euromed Heritage 4 in cooperation with London Metropolitan Museum and addressed to EH 4 project partners. It has been carried out in Tangier, Morocco, from 17 to 19 November.

The training workshop has provided an opportunity to evaluate progresses and obstacles in a number of areas, from the dissemination of publications to commercial opportunities arising around a project. A fundamental question addressed by the training has been: in which ways ownership of outputs can be distributed beyond the project consortium? For example, can a long-standing exhibition be placed in a local museum? How could policy suggestions be formally placed into public structures? How could tool-kits or cultural maps developed by projects, be used by civil society? Is there a commercial application for such tools?

Projects were given the opportunity to present their activities and the problems they face and have faced to secure continuity. They learned also from the experiences of other projects who have already implemented a sustainability strategy.

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