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A photo book to celebrate cultural heritage

Euromed Heritage promotes the living heritage of the Mediterranean

Euromed Heritage

How does heritage link the past to the present? Tradition to modernity? How does it integrate external influences? A photo book realised within the EU funded Euromed Heritage programme was just launched in Amman, Beirut and Marseille to illustrate the place cultural heritage holds in the midst of contemporary societies.

Photographers of various ages and from different corners of the Mediterranean region contributed their personal vision of the tangible and intangible heritage as it emerges in its widely diverse contexts across Mediterranean countries and cultures. Handed down through the generations, this heritage reflects the spirit of peoples and communities, and their value systems and beliefs, through the centuries. It integrates testimonies of a rich, diverse, and sometimes conflictual past.

Since 1998, the Euromed Heritage programme contributes to the safeguard and revitalisation of cultural heritage in the Mediterranean region through development of knowledge, building of capacities, instilling fresh perspectives on education in cultural heritage at all levels – in schools and universities, amongst practitioners and within the general public – and the exchange of good practices for a better management of heritage resources. The programme also underlines the value of heritage as an economic resource and a tremendous opportunity for social development, particularly at the level of local communities - sustainable tourism, dwellings, handicrafts, cultural events... All these aspects are tackled by the projects within the programme, and address issues such as the rehabilitation of traditional architecture and historic cores, the revitalisation of audiovisual archives, manuscripts, museums and archaeological sites...


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