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Digital Library Euromed Heritage

Euromed Heritage is happy to announce the launch of its digital library in collaboration with Manumed project:

The new virtual library constitutes a rich and sustainable resource centre for all documents produced within Euromed Heritage Programme. The documents are accessible and downloadable from the E-corpus platform, a digital comprehensive library for cultural heritage created in 2009. The library grows incrementally and organizes and repertories a multiplicity of documents, more than 2.3 million to date, introduced through more than 120,000 thematic summaries.

The portal Euromed Heritage Digital Resources ( collects in one space the total production of Euromed Heritage since its inception fifteen years ago. Most of the documents, introduced in one common space online for the very first time, are useful and necessary to cultural heritage actors – manuals, books, articles, presentations, technical and educational tools, studies, manuscripts, videos, audio files, etc.

Launched in 1998, Euromed Heritage programme ( constitutes an important landmark in the development and enhancement of cultural heritage and a catalyst for the mutual understanding of the peoples of the Mediterranean region.

The Programme has developed its actions within the European Union, but mostly in Mediterranean Partner countries of the EU through funded projects and partnerships (more than 500 partners) among institutions and professionals that work on the development of cultural heritage in the Mediterranean and underline its potential for economic and social development and the improvement of the quality of life.

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