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It’s never easy to put closure to an exciting and intense experience and jotting down these lines presents some trepidation.

Euromed Heritage 4 (EH) has completed its activities on 15 February 2013, after five years of operating on the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean region. Throughout these years, we have all gained valuable experience, acquired more perspectives on the many issues relative to cultural heritage preservation, and learned important lessons on how best to develop it. We have also contributed to build a whole corpus of knowledge about Mediterranean heritage and developed tools for better stewardship of its assets for at least one generation to come.

Needless to say, the most rewarding aspect of EH has been the people. The Euromed Heritage family is real. It has been growing for fifteen years and has evolved through the many exchanges and interrelations that have taken place through the programme. It has also created around it a network of experts, professionals and actors and together, their impact on the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean region carries a tremendous potential.

Each one us, partners and friends of EH, have our professional course to follow and our careers to build and/or strengthen. We should not forget, however, that EH can still accompany us on our future course. The website will remain accessible to the public and all results of our activities can be uploaded for your use. You can also access all the outputs of the programme- knowledge, tools, methodologies, etc. - by consulting our virtual library on the E-Corpus platform.

The RMSU Team thanks you for your cooperation and support and wishes you a good continuation in your future endeavours.

Kind regards,

Christiane, Christophe, Jean-Louis, Daniela, Dario and Giulia
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