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Sharing our Mediterranean audio-visual heritage

From 01.02.09 To 01.05.13
Budget€ 2.187.938
Countries involved Algeria, France, Italy, Jordan, Morocco
Project sheet

The audiovisual heritage of the Mediterranean is a resource of exceptional value and has the potential to initiate and promote understanding and intercultural dialogue throughout the region. This resource is mostly inaccessible and is at risk to deteriorate rapidly and therefore be lost forever. The safeguarding of most of available documents is still possible but needs urgent action. Towards this end, Med-Mem proposes a selection of more than 4000 videos from all around the Mediterranean, which will be showcased within their historical and cultural contexts and with a commentary in three languages.

Search possibilities for these files will be based on cross- referencing their thematic content. The sharing of technical and documentary tools, policies for safeguarding the audiovisual heritage, and good legal practices, constitute core activities of the project. MedMem will offer the larger public an online database in three languages (French, English and Arabic), thereby ensuring the promotion and enhancement of this shared heritage, and will promote actions of safeguarding of the visual archives of the Mediterranean.

This three-year project, which targets archivists as much as the populations of Mediterranean countries, includes 18 partners, of which 10 Mediterranean television networks, 3 professional bodies, as well as cultural and scientific specialists of high standing.

  • Stimulate intercultural dialogue and understanding of a shared history among the people of the Mediterranean region by providing current and future generations of researchers, students and the larger public the opportunity to discover, share and appropriate their audiovisual heritage
  • Stimulate and facilitate a safeguarding strategy for this audiovisual heritage within the Mediterranean by the keepers of this audiovisual archive
  • Archives, Audiovisuals & Manuscripts
  • Intangible Heritage
  • The Med-Mem website, which will offer access to the audio-visual heritage of the Mediterranean
  • The establishment of sustainable processes for the preservation of a shared Mediterranean audiovisual heritage and of good practices among the keepers of audiovisual archives

The future Med-Mem project website, gateway to more than 4,000 audiovisual documents, free for all

From 2011 onwards, the website will provide access to more than 4,000 audiovisual documents illustrative of Mediterranean societies and culture throughout their history. This promotion clip illustrates its main features.

Interview with Florence Lanzalavi MEDMEM project

Med-Mem project aims at safeguarding and making accessible to the general public audiovisual archives of the Mediterranean region, particularly those of State Televisions. A selection of more than 4,000 videos, including exceptional historical documents particularly illustrative of Mediterranean societies and culture, will be showcased and presented in three languages – Arabic, English, and French – within their historical, cultural and social contexts from 2011 onwards. Florence Lanzalavi tells us about the project...

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