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Cultural Landscape

(12-14 January 2012, Hammamed, Tunisia)
The fragility of numerous cultural landscapes requires particular attention, and a range of issues may need to be addressed when considering how a particular cultural landscape should be treated.

Cultural landscapes as a heritage category exploring the interesting interrelations between the natural world and human interventions, have drawn particular attention over the last twenty years. Identifying cultural landscapes of outstanding value, preserving them and developing them, require new and specific approaches. It is particularly the case for inhabited areas, where traditional societies are exposed to rapid economic and social changes.

Most of the time, specific legal instruments have to be adopted. A close co-operation is to be established between the relevant services: heritage department, physical planning, agriculture, water regulation and forest management, and housing in rural areas.

A legal workshop addressing these issues has been organized in Hammamet on 12-14th January 2012 by the RMSU (Regional Monitoring and Support Unit) of the Euromed Heritage 4 programme. The seminar aimed at examining the international norms and practices in order to draw from them applications relevant for the region and the country. Comparative analysis of the management of cultural landscapes in the Mediterranean countries has allowed a comparison of experiences and good practices and to propose appropriate operational guidelines.

The workshop has also examined prospects for better co-operation within the Mediterranean Basin.

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