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HEREIN-European Heritage Network multilingual thesaurus

Some 550 words or phrases are presented here, with their equivalence in 4 languages. The HEREIN project covers 12 working languages. RMSU has retained 3 of them: French, English and Spanish and provides a translation into Arabic.

This is a partial application of an ambitious project of the Council of Europe. The HEREIN project seeks to organise the monitoring of the implementation of agreements on Granada's architectural heritage (1985) and of Valletta's archaeological heritage (1992). This project will allow comparative studies, not only on laws and national regulations, but also on the organisation of services and on the budgets of different countries.

The difficulties related to the data processing in several languages led to the development of a Thesaurus. This is not just a glossary where specialised terms and expressions are put next to one another in different languages. It is the result of a considerable deepening of concepts, of their similarities and differences according to the countries, in order to allow an accurate indexing and a good understanding of the information provided by national correspondents of the project.

The construction of the thesaurus HEREIN sets, in each language, three types of relationships between the terms: a relationship of equivalence, a hierarchical relationship and a relationship of association. The thesaurus is composed of nine thematic groups of terms in a hierarchical relationship and 550 preferred terms used to represent a concept.

This information system is being updated. It could serve as a reference for a possible similar exercise involving partner countries. The presentation of the Thesaurus in the framework of Euromed Heritage 4 seeks to highlight the great importance of the project. Currently, the access to selected words in alphabetical order may already be a kind of glossary and provide valuable assistance to comparative analysis.

We thank the Council of Europe and its Steering Committee for Heritage, Spatial Planning and Landscape for allowing us to acknowledge the HEREIN project and provide access to the Thesaurus. More generally, this cooperation aims to raise awareness among the partner countries of the very important corpus of conventions, recommendations and publications: fruit of a long operation from the Council of Europe in the field of the heritage.

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