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Crossing Viewpoints:
Mediterranean cities as spaces of socialisation
EH 4 – RehabiMed International Digital Photography Award 2011

Archaeological sites, buildings, urban and rural settlements, cultural landscapes are repositories of human existence and production. They were created by societies that were “inspired by values, knowledge and beliefs that lay at the very heart of their culture.”
Koichiro Mastsuura, former Director of UNESCO

Organised by Euromed Heritage 4 and Rehabimed, this competition aimed to promote the Euro-Mediterranean cultural heritage, increase public awareness of peoples’ national and regional cultural legacy, and encourage their appropriation of this rich heritage.

A young Palestinian photo-journalist, Mahmoud Illean, from Jerusalem is the winner of the 2011 edition of “Crossing viewpoints: Mediterranean cities as spaces of socialisation” International Photography Award organised by the EU-funded Euromed Heritage programme and the Rehabimed Association.

The photo competition has once more highlighted the place that cultural heritage holds in Mediterranean contemporary societies, especially for the youth who have massively participated at the competition: the jury has received 266 pictures from 23 different countries. The country with the highest number of participants is Algeria, followed by Morocco and France. In total, 63% of all participants are originally from the Mediterranean partner’s countries.

The Jury has given a special mention to Mohamed Karim Boumais, a 29 year old Moroccan photographer, to Olivier Dubuquoy , a freelancer from Marseilles, to Mohamed Badarne, from Haifa, and to Emanuele Ciccomartine, a photographer from Spain.

The winner Mahmoud Illean will be invited to the official inauguration of the exhibition “Crossing viewpoints: Mediterranean cities as spaces of socialisation”, to be held in Cairo in October 2012.

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